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Instructive and entertaining.
-- Italy Heaven

Cadogan's acclaimed guide is the perfect travelling companion to the "green heart of Italy." The authors--one-time Umbrian residents--take the reader deep into bucolic valleys and wooded hills, while their illuminating commentary showcases the architectural heritage of this bewitching region.

Hand-picked, unusual places to stay and eat, easy-to-use maps, clear layout and rich cultural background detail combine with reliable advice on everything from Renaissance palazzos and colorful feste to rural agriturismi and tantalizing vineyards.

Lingering tales of an eventful history full of Roman and Medieval treasures are skillfully relayed alongside mouth-watering insights into the robust flavors of the region in a guide that is as fascinating as it is practical.

Excerpt: After the Earthquakes: Art versus People

According to geologists, the earthquakes that jolted Umbria and the Marche twice on 26 September 1997, killing 11 and wounding many more, and the aftershocks that continued throughout 1998, when over 10,000 minor and not so minor tremors were registered, were merely part of a million-year-old trend as the Apennines yawn and stretch and adjust to fit their crust. The 100,000 people in Umbria and the Marche whose homes were rendered uninhabitable by the tremors obviously didn’t find much comfort in their scientific long-range perspective, but in the immediate aftermath of the disaster things could have been worse. The government, both on a local and national level, responded quickly, so that by Christmas 1997 everyone was housed as close to their villages as possible, in rental accommodation, in prefab housing or, as a last resort, in shipping containers (fitted with doors, windows, room dividers, electricity and plumbing). here to read the rest

Reader Reviews

useful, 4/5
We bought this guide, along with a few others for a recent rip to Italy. Looking back on the trip, we used this one extensively while in Umbria so I'd have to say it was very useful. Coverage on what to see and do in various cities and small towns was excellent. Coverage on where to stay and what to eat was minimal, though. Overall, a useful focused guide for this beautiful region of Italy.

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